Adjusting Your Mindset While Returning to Normal

The phrase “new normal” feels like a misnomer, because nothing about the current situation is normal. Here in Missouri, things are beginning to open back up, with safety practices remaining in place. While some freedoms are being returned, we still have several weeks of isolation and change to recover from. I have been working fromContinue reading “Adjusting Your Mindset While Returning to Normal”

Planning Ahead vs. Appreciating the Moment

Dear Friends, Happy Halloween! Another year, another work Halloween costume contest! This year, as usual, I had two costumes…one for a Halloween party and one for work. Last weekend Michael and I went to my friends’ annual Halloween party dressed as Peg and Al Bundy. My work crew did a rock star theme, each ofContinue reading “Planning Ahead vs. Appreciating the Moment”

Overbooked and Under-rested? It’s Okay to Say No!

Hello again, and Happy Friday! This evening I have a wedding rehearsal to attend with Michael, and the whole day tomorrow will be dedicated to his sister’s wedding. This means one thing for us – BUSY! Busy has been the trend for both of us — but especially for Michael — for the last sixContinue reading “Overbooked and Under-rested? It’s Okay to Say No!”

When Life Takes a Toll on Your Mindset, This Will Help

Dear Friends, I’ve been feeling off lately. The one constant in life is that things always change. Things can be going wonderfully for a while, but sooner or later a banana peel is going to land in your path. Normally I handle challenges well. I’m a doer; a fixer; a problem-solver. So if I canContinue reading “When Life Takes a Toll on Your Mindset, This Will Help”