Get Grounded by Being Present

I was out on my daily lunchtime walk, earbuds in listening to an episode of Gilmore Girls on Netflix for the 8729384th time, deep in thought about the things on my to-do list and my upcoming weekend plans. As I descended down the hill on Hopper Road, a Maple tree caught my eye. The tipsContinue reading “Get Grounded by Being Present”

New Name, New Web Address, Same (Sort of) Blog!

Dear Friends, Ch-ch-ch-changes! You might’ve noticed things look just a bit different here on the blog. That’s because I’ve undergone a name and domain change! When I started this blog, two years ago almost to the day, my focus was on writing. I built a blog site to coincide with my journalism degree. Well friends,Continue reading “New Name, New Web Address, Same (Sort of) Blog!”

How I Finally Found an Exercise Routine that I Can Stick With

Let me preface this post by saying — I am not a fitness guru, coach or gym junkie. My primary health focus and passion is on diet, so for me exercise is just a necessary part of the total health package that must be done. Overall health¬†actually consists of¬†80% diet to 20% physical activity, soContinue reading “How I Finally Found an Exercise Routine that I Can Stick With”

How Yoga is Helping Me Find Tension in My Body and Rehab My Sleep

Immediately after Christmas, I went into reset mode. Between New Year’s Eve 2017 and New Year’s Eve 2018, I lost a total of 13 pounds (If you’re curious how I gained those pounds in the first place, see last year’s post “My Healthy Body Update and a Warning About Depo Provera”). Throughout the Christmas seasonContinue reading “How Yoga is Helping Me Find Tension in My Body and Rehab My Sleep”

Go for a Walk

Happy Halloween week! If you’re here in the Midwest, then you had a beautiful start to the week. Sunshine, warm air, pretty leaves…the perfect walking weather! I have a confession: I HATE EXERCISE! Really, I despise it so much! But, I love to hike. I love to be outdoors, and if I think of myselfContinue reading “Go for a Walk”