More Plants, Less Weight – Weight Loss for My Teens

When I took a poll on Facebook of what people want help with the most, weight loss was the winner by a landslide. Right around that same time my children came home from their dad’s, where they spend their summers, 35 pounds overweight each. They normally gain anywhere from 10-20 pounds over the summer, butContinue reading “More Plants, Less Weight – Weight Loss for My Teens”

Burger King Combats Climate Change by Changing Diet of Its Cows

Following close behind the promotion of the Impossible Whopper, a meatless sandwich alternative, Burger King announced new plans to combat climate change. By changing the diet of cows to include 100 grams of lemongrass, Burger King believes methane emissions from the cows will be reduced by around 33%. First, less meat. Second, less methane. CouldContinue reading “Burger King Combats Climate Change by Changing Diet of Its Cows”

American Cancer Society Releases New Guidelines for Cancer Prevention

On June 9th, the American Cancer Society published new dietary and physical activity guidelines for cancer prevention. The new guidelines consist of three primary components – exercise, a plant-strong diet, and limiting alcohol. They also call out red and processed meats and refined and highly processed foods for their cancer risk, as well as sugarContinue reading “American Cancer Society Releases New Guidelines for Cancer Prevention”

Vegan Month Update, and Some HAPPY News!

Dear Friends, This post will be a blend of my blog and an article, since I’m sharing a little bit of personal with a lot of information. For the month of March, I went 100% plant-based to see what effect it would have on my overall health. In trying to figure out issues with myContinue reading “Vegan Month Update, and Some HAPPY News!”

What is a Plant-Based Diet? Questions Answered

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is celebrating National Nutrition Month throughout the month of March. This is a great opportunity to share information about a plant-based diet for those who are new to a plant-based life, those considering going plant-based, or those who are simply curious about what plant-based is. What is a plant-based diet?Continue reading “What is a Plant-Based Diet? Questions Answered”