The Latest on My Plant Based Journey, and Weight Loss for My Teens

Hello, Friends! I’m back with another blog post, right on the cusp of a new school year for my kiddos and a change in schedules for all of us. It has been a fast, full, happy summer here in the Miller house and I can’t wait to share some updates with you! As you mayContinue reading “The Latest on My Plant Based Journey, and Weight Loss for My Teens”

It’s Official – I’m a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach!

Dear Friends, Happy Birthday to me! Yes, it really is my birthday – and since I took the day off work I decided it was the perfect time to complete my exam. I passed with a 94% and am officially certified!! On the heels of getting my certification, I also had my new website completeContinue reading “It’s Official – I’m a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach!”

Vegan Month Update, and Some HAPPY News!

Dear Friends, This post will be a blend of my blog and an article, since I’m sharing a little bit of personal with a lot of information. For the month of March, I went 100% plant-based to see what effect it would have on my overall health. In trying to figure out issues with myContinue reading “Vegan Month Update, and Some HAPPY News!”

How I’m Surviving Quarantine + A Sheltered Anniversary

Hi Friends, I’ve missed writing to you so much these last few weeks! As you may know if you’ve been here for a while, I process SBA loans in my day job, and things have gone absolutely bananas since this Coronavirus pandemic began. I’ve gone from a causal and typical 40 hour work week, toContinue reading “How I’m Surviving Quarantine + A Sheltered Anniversary”

Whew – Redoing the Kitchen is Hard Work!

Dear Friends, If you’re wondering where I’ve been the last couple (few) weeks…my life and my kitchen have been turned upside down! Classes have started for me again, with the addition of my holistic nutrition certification, so things have been pretty busy. Add to that a kitchen remodel – and there goes my writing time!Continue reading “Whew – Redoing the Kitchen is Hard Work!”