I’m Getting Certified in Holistic Nutrition! What Does that Mean for the Blog?

Dear Friends,

As you are reading this, I’ve already begun phase two of my holistic nutrition course. I investigated several options for nutrition certifications and landed on the Holistic Nutritionist Certification program at AFPA Fitness. I chose this one for two reasons: 1) It uses a whole body approach (holistic) to nutrition rather than focusing only on diet, and 2) It had a detailed and extensive curriculum as compared to others I looked at, so I felt like I was going to learn a lot more.

I’ve made it through the first portion of the course already, because once I started I found that I couldn’t stop. I was fully immersed in what I was learning, and that is something I have never felt in any of my college courses. If there was ever any doubt that this is my passion, there certainly isn’t anymore. They say it isn’t work if you love what you do — well I could also say that it isn’t “studying” when you love what you’re learning.

So what does this mean for me? Well, I will be finishing my bachelor’s degree in Journalism this December, and will have my Holistic Nutrition cert by July. Which basically means I will have the credentials to write about health and wellness from a professional standpoint, and that makes me unbelievably excited! It will open the door for freelance writing, book writing, guest blogging, online articles…so many options.

The biggest thing I want to do, however, is coach. I want to be able to take on clients and truly help people, one-on-one, to overcome their health problems and achieve their emotional and spiritual goals and dreams. Being certified in Holistic Nutrition will give me the tools to do that. It doesn’t just stop at this certification; every year I’m required to log educational hours to maintain my certification, so my learning and knowledge base will continuously grow and benefit my clients, and all of the readers of this blog.

I have already converted this page from blog to website, and will start writing articles in addition to blog posts. I will maintain blogging, but I will be creating a new category in my menu bar specifically for the blog, using my former blog name Letters from Loren, where I will share more personal anecdotes and life updates. The remaining categories will be for recipes and articles about health and wellness.

Something else I am hoping to do is start a YouTube channel. I am very comfortable with writing, so this platform has been wonderful. Recording videos of myself, on the other hand, I find very much intimidating!! I’m going to start with some practice videos and play around a bit with video editing, but when I feel I have the hang of it enough, I will take my YouTube channel live and share that with you all here as well.

The plan for that is to do informational health and wellness vlogging, as well as do things like fridge and pantry tours, cooking videos, food prep videos, etc. I will basically be taking the same things I write about here and putting them in video format, because some people would rather watch than read, so I can cover all of the bases.

As for the coaching, I will be building that into my website as well, when the time comes. For that, I want to complete both my nutrition cert, and my journalism degree, so I can be finished with classes and free to focus on clients. In the meantime, I’m already getting a little practice in on some family members.

My grandmother has been having digestive issues for a while now. She complains of bloating and nausea frequently after eating, and says she can’t eat breads or heavy meats because they always make her feel bad. One of the first things I learned about was leaky gut, and after asking her some questions to narrow things down I’m confident that is what she is dealing with. I was able to write a diet plan for her to work through it, and she is in the elimination phase of the diet as we speak. After a few weeks we will begin adding things back in to nail down the trigger, which could be something like wheat gluten, or could just be an out-of-whack microbiome.

The other person I’m working with, is my aunt. In November she had swelling in her lymph nodes and went to the doctor. Within a few weeks she was diagnosed with a fairly aggressive lung cancer – stage 4. It has metastasized, leaving her with multiple tumors in her brain. She began having seizures due to the swelling in her brain around those tumors, and has also begun radiation. Tomorrow and Friday are her last radiation treatments, then she moves on to either a clinical trial or chemo.

She reached out to me a few days ago and asked for help with her diet. She’s been given certain restrictions, she’s having digestive troubles since starting her treatments and taking steroids for the brain swelling plus seizure meds, and she’s lost a lot of weight very quickly. So I wrote up a plan for her as well that will not only be low-sodium and sugar-free (doctor’s orders), but also give her plenty of fiber and eliminate animal foods and oils. I call it the cancer starvation diet, because that is the primary intent – to restrict the things that cancer cells feed on, while ramping up the things the body needs to fight disease.

This is what I hope to get to do more of in the future — help people in ways that truly count. Help people to take their lives back and flourish. The society in which we live can really dampen both physical and emotional health with processed convenience foods, government recommendations built around industry lobbying, the push from many employers to overwork and prioritize jobs over families and home lives, materialistic values, and a technology driven world where we spend so much time seated in front of screens.

I would love to see that cycle be broken, and that is the goal I will work towards every single day. I hope you’ll join me.




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