Planning Ahead vs. Appreciating the Moment

Dear Friends, Happy Halloween! Another year, another work Halloween costume contest! This year, as usual, I had two costumes…one for a Halloween party and one for work. Last weekend Michael and I went to my friends’ annual Halloween party dressed as Peg and Al Bundy. My work crew did a rock star theme, each ofContinue reading “Planning Ahead vs. Appreciating the Moment”

Balancing Time and Changes in Life and Relationships

Dear Friends, The one thing that is constant in life is that nothing stays the same. Sometimes things change slowly, so that one day you turn and look behind you only to realize that everything looks different. Other times,¬†change happens¬†so suddenly that it knocks you off-kilter and leaves you stunned. Then there are moments inContinue reading “Balancing Time and Changes in Life and Relationships”

Overbooked and Under-rested? It’s Okay to Say No!

Hello again, and Happy Friday! This evening I have a wedding rehearsal to attend with Michael, and the whole day tomorrow will be dedicated to his sister’s wedding. This means one thing for us – BUSY! Busy has been the trend for both of us — but especially for Michael — for the last sixContinue reading “Overbooked and Under-rested? It’s Okay to Say No!”

Welcome, Fall! Here’s What I’ve Been Up to Lately

Dear Friends, Hello again! As much as I enjoy organization, structure and planning, now that Get Healthy Month is over I admit it is really nice to have a whole month ahead of me with nothing specific planned for the blog. The one thing missing from the month of sharing health and diet information wasContinue reading “Welcome, Fall! Here’s What I’ve Been Up to Lately”