Get Healthy Month: Resources

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the final day of Get Healthy Month! You have all of the information about health and diet, and you have all the tools to help you customize and begin your diet. Now, I will share with you some incredibly valuable resources that will help you bring your journey full circle! These are all resources that I use regularly, with links.

Finding Meals and Recipes

My favorite resources for food:



Instagram: (users and hashtags…you can save posts just like on Pinterest!)

And of course — Pinterest!

The Food

My go-to app: Fooducate

My backup: Healthy Living

Online: Environmental Working Group (EWG)

The Household

My go-to app: Think Dirty

My backup: Healthy Living

Online: Environmental Working Group (EWG)

The Personal Care

My go-to app: Think Dirty

My backup: Healthy Living

Online: Environmental Working Group (EWG)

The Planning

For this, I have two methods of organization:

  1. A bullet journal with lots of customized calendars and text boxes
  2. Excel! I use spreadsheets (and Google Sheets) for meal planning and grocery lists. I love the organization and the auto-sum feature

How is that for short, sweet and to the point?! All of these resources I rely on regularly. I would say that my most frequent are the three YouTubers I listed (all of which I’m subscribed to), Instagram (where I save posts into two different folders — recipes, and plant-based), the Fooducate app, and the Think Dirty app.

With this, my friends, I leave you with the end of Get Healthy Month. I will leave all of the posts in the Get Healthy Month category under the Health tab, so you can go back and read any time you want if you need a refresher. I wish you all the best on your road to a healthier life!

And with that…coming up later this week I will update you on the goings-on in my world as of late, and more Mediterranean Mondays will be coming soon.



Published by Loren Miller

My name is Loren, and if you're on this page it means you care about your health and living a long and happy life, and that is something we have in common. I've been studying diet and health since 2008, when my grandmother was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. I started out wanting to know more about the link between diet and cancer, and it's turned into a passion that I will carry for the rest of my life. I am certified in holistic nutrition, and I will soon have my degree in journalism from UMass Amherst. Health and Wellness is my beat, as we call it in the world of journalism, and this website is my outlet. My passions are nutrition and cooking, and looking at health from a holistic perspective. After all, you are so much more than just what ails you. You are a whole, living, breathing, dreaming, beautiful human being with a unique personality and individual goals. Your health goes beyond just what you're eating or how you're exercising; it encompasses everything that makes up your quality of life. That's why I write about everything from diet, to recipes, to self-care, to motivation and mindset. Please join me on this health journey!

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