The First Garden Plantings Are In, and I’m Revamping my Patio!

Dear Friends, How extraordinary is it that we get to┬áplant our gardens again?! I’m not sure I’m ever happier than when the winter chill gives way to abundant sunshine and the return of warmth and moisture in the air. The dryness has released its hold on my skin and nails, and the new healthy glowContinue reading “The First Garden Plantings Are In, and I’m Revamping my Patio!”

Bell Pepper Quinoa Salad

What a divinely beautiful weekend it turned out to be! Forecasters predicted Armageddon for Saturday, but it turned out to be a quick lunchtime thunderstorm, followed by sunshine and upper 60’s for the afternoon. I spent my late morning and lunch hour holed up in a local coffee shop, working on book writing and discussingContinue reading “Bell Pepper Quinoa Salad”