September Tomatoes and the End of 2018 Gardening

Hello Friends! I cut the last of my sunflowers and some Zinnias last weekend, and I realized my growing season has reached its end. The time has come to clear the Zinnias and plant the perennials I bought for the bee and butterfly garden back in July. In order to prevent transplant sock during theContinue reading “September Tomatoes and the End of 2018 Gardening”

A Rambling September Life Update

Dear Friends, First of all…I apologize for not getting a post up last Thursday. To those of you who have insomnia, you have my deepest sympathies! I used to have problems with this many moons ago, but it’s mostly gone the way of vaudevillians and parachute pants until recently. For some silly reason, I’ve beenContinue reading “A Rambling September Life Update”